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How would you like to earn money for your space when you're not using it?

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We work with:

Hotels   •  Car dealerships  •  Co-working  spaces

Strip malls  •  Apartment complex owners  

We help our Cause Center clients partner with another organization to serve their residents, tenants or clients to improve the local community.

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Benefits of a Cause Center

$50,000 Annual Tax Write Off

We help you to create your federally recognized Cause Center with a cause that you feel strongly about, as well as, ensure you maintain state and federal compliance. 

$120,000 In Marketing Grants

By creating a federally recognized Cause Center with a legitimate program you are now eligible for a $10,000 per month marketing grant!

Increased Sales with Social Impact

70% of people in today's world will buy or spend more on a product that has a good cause attached to it.  We also create the year end impact report for you!

The goal of the Cause Center is to create social impact in the community and give the owners an incentive to do it!

Our Process

We do everything for you in 3 simple steps!

You choose the cause that you want to incorporate in your building. We have many examples in the guide,

We will create the federally recognized Cause Center, register it with the state and get your Cause Center and Social Impact Score Numbers for you. Everything including updates will be available in the app.  

You choose what the goal is after we get people in the door. After they have used or inquired about the Cause Center. 

We will write your program description on a specialty website we create and maintain for you. We will also apply for the $120,000 marketing grant and create ads for you. You will receive you bi-weekly reports as we maintain the compliance for you.

You choose what metrics are most important to you and if you would like to improve your Cause Center. 

We will also seek out green money incentives for enhancements, as well as, find rebates on your building/establishment /complex. Then write foundation, corporate, celebrity and government grants for your property.  Not to mention, we will manage the entire process once we get the information from you. 

Social Proof

Grant Source has helped organizations find and secure 5.8 million dollars since launching.

"Because of time, I always had trouble securing grants. Working with Grant Source I learned better techniques like using a Cause Center. Our relationship has improved my business immensely."

Audra Harrison
CEO Harrison Cause Center

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